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subsequently. +1 rate, 2. US also afterward (adv) (not gradable) after the time mentioned; later We had tea, and afterwards we sat in the garden for a  Afterwards is always too late. Omröstningen om dem kommer att ske efteråt.They will be voted on afterwards. Definition av afterward  afterwards, afterward [därefter].

Afterward or afterwards

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What is the Difference Between Afterward and Afterwards? In this article, I will compare afterward vs. afterwards. 2020-07-02 2020-01-10 Afterward[s]: As someone with a background in British English who has studied and lived in the US over the past four years, I would say that "afterwards" is more commonly used in the British, while "afterward" is chiefly found in American usage.To confirm this, I sampled various dictionaries online, both American and British. However, this does not always follow for words such as "forward[s 2020-07-17 afterward or afterwards? - Which English form is more popular?

It was first published in the  Afterward definition: at a later time; subsequently | Meaning, pronunciation, translations afterward.

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2019-04-25 2021-04-07 ‘Production will stop at the end of May and the factory will close shortly afterwards.’ ‘The plan is to call for a vote on the deal in May and pay the dividends shortly afterward.’ ‘Not only was it an interesting event, but there was lots of free wine afterwards!’ after; afterward aft'-er, aft'-er-werd: The fundamental thought, in which all shades of meaning unite, is that of succession either in time or place. This succession may be immediate or remote.

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to worsen afterward or to worsen afterwards? - Which English form is more popular? Two more top-class stops followed quickly afterwards , first from Natcho's rasping shot which was heading into the top corner, and then to deny Ryazantsev at his near post.}} Synonyms * afterward afterward — See afterward, afterwards … Dictionary of problem words and expressions afterward — adverb happening at a time subsequent to a reference time (Freq. 13) he apologized subsequently he s going to the store but he ll be back here later it didn t happen until afterward two hours after that • Syn: ↑subsequently, ↑later … Afterward versus Afterwards . Summary of Afterward versus Afterwards.

Words ending with a directional suffix ‘ward’ have a parallel form of the word with the suffix ‘wards.’. For example toward or towards, backward or backwards. The meaning of the word afterward is not changed by writing afterwards but the different spelling and pronunciation is preferred in some countries and used in a more formal way in others. Afterward is an adverb that can be used interchangeably with ‘after’ and ‘later’.
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Afterward or afterwards

Afterwards , sedan , Ale , starft engelskt öl . derefter . Alexander , Alexander den store ,, Again , åter .

Afterward and afterwards are adverbs. They are interchangeable in everyday American English, though some editors prefer afterward in professional and academic writing. In British English, afterwards enjoys a slight advantage.
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Find another word for afterward. Afterward(s) refers to an action that occurs sequentially after a previous action.

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Afterward, we went to the mall. Afterward definition, at a later or subsequent time; subsequently. See more. afterward, afterwards adv.

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after · afterward  The following reference numbers are no longer relevant since the third countries to which the exports were made have afterwards reported an import decision in  Adverb, Related Translations, Other Translations. -, after; afterward; later; later on​; subsequently.

They are sometimes confused with the noun afterword , which is a section in some books.